WriteWayPro now free 2017-08-30

Novel-writing software with some great features

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  1. Michael Pless
    WriteWayPro has been around for a while and has some nice features for structuring a novel.

    A recent check of the website reveals that it is now a free application, and registration details are found in the "Registration" tab. It's a Windows only application.

    WWP hasn't been updated for some time, but is still relevant to writers of larger works. It has a character generator/questionnaire, and permits up to 9 Acts in a work, which ought to be sufficient for most.

    It is not so pretty as some, but its tools are easy to find and the program is straightforward to learn, with some YouTube tutorials available. A big plus is that it can use Windows TTS to read work back to you.

    Because it is free, I wouldn't expect massive support, but there may be some, if it is needed.
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