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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Animal Bones, May 19, 2014.

    Hello from the North East of England. I have had a long and strained relationship with fiction compounded by my career requirement to write mountains of uninspiring academic prose. That being said, I have found that this prose style can offer routes to fiction that are relatively unexplored. So....I am here to learn about writing in general, to offer editorial advice (I have done a lot of that) and, in time, submit my own work.

    My academic career keeps me pretty busy so I'm most likely to be noted for popping in, saying something wholly inappropriate, and disappearing for long periods. I promise to work on this.
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    Hi there, and welcome to the forum :)

    Your background sounds interesting. We have a non-fiction room in the Writing Workshop, so I'd imagine writers offering their works for critique would love to get some editorial advice as well :) And there's a wealth of information on fiction writing here, contests where you can "test" how the audience responds to your writing, and of course you can post your writing to the Workshop for critique after meeting the requirements.

    Without further ado, please check the Newbie Quick Start Guide for starters, and have fun!


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