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    Role Play Forum Welcome and Rules

    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by losthawken, Apr 18, 2012.

    Welcome to the Role Playing section of!

    This forum is dedicated to co-operative writing in the form of role-playing-like games. Its a great place to practice your writing, develop or try out a character, make new friends, and have a lot of fun! This forum is less formal than the Writing Workshop, but still comes with a few rules. Please take note:

    • All general Forum Rules apply.
    • Threads in the Role Play main forum are for game and 'in-character-content' only.
    • Threads in the Role Play Discussion section are for 'Out of Character Content' (OOC) discussion of approved and specific games only.
    • General discussion about new game brainstorming, introductions, and general RP discussion belong in the RP General Chat and Ideas thread.
    • The RP Kickstarter is a strongly encouraged, but not required thread to post your RP ideas and solicit players before starting your game. The point is to avoid ruining your game by starting it when there is not a critical mass of players available to sustain it.
    • Game Rules specific for each story are specified in the opening post of each game by the Game Master. Please pay attention to these as they may vary from game to game.
    • Sometimes Game Rules get broken (ex. character control, see each game for specific rules) and feelings can get hurt. In all circumstances the path to resolution should be humble PM's starting with 1) the offending player, then 2) the GM, and if no resolution can be found 3) the RP Mods. General Forum Mods probably won't care unless a Forum Rule is broken.

    How to Join a Game

    If you see a game that you are interested in joining, be sure to carefully read the first post of the game thread. This is where the Game Master (GM) will explain all the rules and instruct you on how to join and how to play. Typically you will be instructed to either Private Message (PM) the GM directly, or post in the Discussion Thread to join a game.

    How to Start a Game

    If you want to GM your own game, write up and post the first game page explaining 1) the setting 2) introduction to the plot and 3) the rules. Then it is suggested (but not required) that you post it in the RP Kickstarter thread and call for players. Once you feel you have enough players and have perhaps gotten some feedback on how to better your game you may start it as a new thread in the main Role Play section. Your post will NOT be visible until approved by a GM. DO NOT make a Discussion thread until your game is approved. When approving games the RP Mods look for well developed concepts with clear instructions and rules. You will likely be contacted with some revisions and suggestions to be considered before your game is approved. It is also STRONGLY recommended that you participate in a game or two as a player before starting your own game. This helps you get the feel for how our community operates and allows you to build rapport with your potential players.

    Why You Should Play

    "Isn't role playing for socially awkward teens to play in their parent's basements?" you ask?

    "This sounds so juvenile, I came here to better my writing not play games," you say?

    First off, our RPs differ dramatically from the dice rolling board game types that you may be used to. For most games there are no dice, no points, and no levels. Instead, players use their writing skills to cooperatively progress a story using the point of view of the character they devise, as guided by the Game Master.

    It is true, you may not receive constructive critiques of what you write here. However, you will find an environment of positive reinforcement where you can learn by the example of others and be challenged by the atmosphere of friendly competition toward the most impressive post.

    Furthermore, participating in a game will push you to WRITE. There is no better substitute for practice, and here you will be encouraged to write routinely and to write often. You will find that your experience will grow and your skill increase as you challenge yourself post by post.

    Lastly, you will build relationships with other forum members while becoming familiar their writing skills. This is a big asset not only to enjoying the forum but for broadening your base of friends who can give reliable critiques of your non-RP writing.

    There are many more benefits, I am sure, but the best way to find them all is to join a story and find out for yourself!

    For more helpful tips and a lot of information on starting your own story check out Oasis Writer's excellent Roleplaying FAQ
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