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    short story

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by DanaStonkus, Sep 23, 2016.

    The mind of women

    In relationships they can be different – too emotional, too sensitive, too misunderstood, too sweet, any girl is different.. I think girls love attention, care, and to be appreciated.. She loves when she gets called “beautiful”, “gorgeous”, she loves getting compliments.. She is hell one of a dreamer, she thinks then everything is easy, beautiful and nice in relationships... but its not...When she is cold she wants you to be next to her, to keep her warm...When she is upset she wants you to cheer her up and make her smile. Guys remember – some of them gets very attached to you...She wants to see you smiling every day, she wants to take care of you, she wants to make you happy...She will more appreciate to spend time with you, than you buy her something expensive... I think money doesn’t buy happiness.. Does it?? Of course its nice to get some flowers and small surprises.

    Don’t ever make your girl feel lonely, she will get tired of thinking – what she has done wrong when you don’t spend time with her, you know why women’s mind is different?? When she’s wants to spend time with you, In hers mind time what you both spend together would be more romantic and more nice.

    Have you ever seen how many tears she is hiding in hers eyes and heart?? If she disagree with you about something, try to understand her, maybe you doing it wrong, there could be thousand of reasons why she is upset or hurted.. the way how you made her feel, or you was make her feel broken, or you was made her cry.. maybe all together... Have you ever been in state when you love her too much, but you cant be with her because its hurts you?? If you will work with your relationships, I can promise you – She will adore you!

    Sometimes we think – running away would be an answer...

    I will never be the same before I have met you..

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