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What is the Insights & Inspiration Forum? What is its Purpose?

The Insights & Inspiration forum is a unique part of the applied writing section of WritingForums.org. It is a repository for thread-based resources. ie high quality discussions about writing where the thread itself is the resource

Writing-related articles where the resource material is contained in the first post can be posted to the Articles section

Writing resources such as the links to content for experts who are not part of our community should be posted in the resources section

Who Can Create Threads In the Insights & Inspiration Forum?

Only members who've reached at least Senior Member status may post new threads in this forum.

Threads posted here are moderated to ensure that only high quality threads are allowed. In general most of the threads in this area will have been started elsewhere and moved to this section by the moderation team

If your thread submission was not approved please do not be discouraged. A reason will be provided and you can always resubmit in the future.

Are There Guidelines on Content and Quality?

We ask that threads submitted to this section are resourceful or insightful threads that are valuable to the reader - threads worthy of sharing and referring others to read.

Progress Journals

Progress Journals exist so that you can track your writing and publishing progress. Think of it as a journal, log, or as a place to keep yourself publicly accountable if you wish.

The goal tracking journals are firstly to motivate you and help you keep track of your progress and, secondly, to keep you accountable by publicly setting goals and updating your progress. It's been proven that when you publicly set a goal for your self you are more likely to achieve it; you'll be more personally committed and feel held accountable.

The progress journal forum also has a number of unique privacy settings.

You can now:
  • Lock your journal so only you can reply
  • Make your journal viewable only to members
  • Make your journal completely private - viewable only to yourself and forum staff
When creating a thread you should see these options:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.52.13 PM.png

"Open" is whether or not people can reply. "Members Only" hides your journal from guests. "Private" hides it from all members, staff excluded.

To change this after you create your thread, you should see thread tools options:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.54.52 PM.png

If you click edit thread you can see all options:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.55.08 PM.png

And that's how you can restrict your progress journal from the public, lock it from replies, or making it completely private.

The Articles Section.

Community members can share their articles on writing elements, publishing, the creative process, writing issues, and anything related to writing, in this section which aims to highlight quality strategies and advice on how to improve your writing and be a successful writer.

Anyone can submit a writing article for consideration in our articles section. You can submit by posting your article in a new thread here.

Please note that by submitting you are consenting to allow your article to be published in the articles section.

We ask that your article be properly formatted, high quality in terms of both research and writing, and add value to the readers, be your own work, and not be already published elsewhere on the internet. Articles that do not meet these standards will not be approved
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