Fundraising & Donations

Why Should I Donate?

WF used to run exclusively on advertising revenue. However, increased traffic raised our server costs while our advertising revenue declined. Currently, though we have as, WF doesn't pay for itself. If you donate you'll help keep WF online and possibly fund new features or otherwise grow.

When you donate through our donations manager, you can donate for a specific need. For example, you can donate to keep us online by donating to our server fundraiser, or help improve the site by donating so we can create a new site feature by hiring a designer.

How Can I Donate?

We have three primary ways to you can donate, with different benefits. All three are through PayPal, though we do have alternative payment options.

Donate Through the Donation Manager for a Specific Cause

You can donate for a specific purpose, such as a new feature or paying the server bill, through our Donation Goal Page. This page lists any current fundraisers and how close they are to their goal. When you donate here, you can donate anonymously, and without Supporter Membership (unless requested). Donations will go towards the specific cause you donated to.

Donate Through Sending Directly To Our PayPal Account (Or Through a Monthly Micro-Subscription)

You can donate any time through sending PayPal funds to: support[@]writingforums(.)org. This is the easiest way, but if you'd like Supporter Membership or to donate to fund a specific purpose, please contact us or specify it in the Notes section of the PayPal payment. These donations won't register in our goals or award Supporter status unless specifically requested. You can also subscribe to donate $1, automatically, every month, by checking out with that option in your User Upgrades.

Help WF Raise Money by Purchasing Supporter Membership

You can purchase Supporter Membership, which gives you addition site features, through your UserCP Upgrades Page.

Supporter Membership isn't strictly a "donation," and is actually quite different, since you are buying additional features. However, Supporter Membership will always go to server funds if the server funds are needed. If server costs aren't immediately needed, they can go towards other things, such as new features or writing contests.

Are There Any Current Fundraisers?

All current fundraisers will be listed, with their cause, goal, amount raised, and deadline, on this page.

Don't You Make Ad Revenue?

WF does make some advertising revenue. However, it's not enough to cover server costs since Summer 2013. When our ad revenue covers our server costs, we'll let you know and won't hold any fundraiser for server costs.

Can I Donate Someway Other Than PayPal?

Yes, you can. We accept Cash, Check, Money Orders, and bitcoin.

Please contact us for our mailing address.

If you’d like to donate bitcoin, you can purchase Supporter membership through BitPay in your UserCP, or send bitcoin to the foliowing address:

Additionally, you can purchase a GreenDot MoneyPak at many convince stores (such as CVS, Wallgreens, and most places where gift cards are sold). You may load the card with the amount you'd like to donate, email us the scratch-off code on the back, and that will allow us to load the funds directly to our PayPal account.

Other options may also be available.

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Your donation will be used for the purpose you donated if you donated through our donation goal manager page. If you send us a direct general donation, it will be spent as needed: new features, contests, advertising, server upgrades, and so on. If you donate directly and wish for your donation to go towards a specific purpose, let us know by including a note with your donation.
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