Supporter Membership

What Is Supporter Membership?

The purpose of Supporter Membership is for community members to give back to the site - 100% of subscriptions go to keeping the site active by helping pay the server bill, software costs etc, in return we recognise your contribution by giving you site perks, including:
  • Colored (green) Username
  • Supporter Badge, displayed on posts and profile
  • AD-FREE membership
  • Access to the loosely-moderated hidden Supporter Forum
  • Unlimited PMs/Conversations
  • Bypassing Writing Workshop requirements of 20 posts/14 days registered. (The 2 critique per newly posted item remains in effect for all forum members)
  • Blog customization
  • Customizable User Title
Supporter status does not, however, purchase absolution from the standard forum rules that apply to all members, save for those mentioned above.

To upgrade to Supporter Membership, click here.

After you follow the above link, you should see a few options. Each purchase option is for a different length in time or may be auto-renew. Select the length you want to be a supporter and if you'd like to be autobilled, then click purchase.

After you click purchase you should be taken through a PayPal gateway. Once you pay via PayPal, you'll be returned to our website and will be upgraded to a Supporter.
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Oct 12, 2013
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