What is the Resource Section?

The Writing Resource Section of our site is a writing resource directory. It allows members to submit various writing resources, such as publishers, literary agents, grammar tutorials, writing software, writing conventions, classes, workshops, and much more.

This writing-resource directory includes both web-based, online, and downloadable writing resources. This can include things like Publishers, Writing Websites, Local Writing Groups, and much more. In the resource section of, you can submit resources related to just about anything writing-related.

The purpose of the resource directory is to provide one area where community members can easily find writing resources in the category they're interested in, can find a summary of information on the resource, and can review, rate, and discuss these resources.

In the case of the publisher resource category, a new thread is created in our publisher discussion forum each time a resource is submitted.

When submitting a resource please bear in mind the following guidelines:
  • Resources submitted by New, Regular and Active members require approval before they become public
  • Regular members can edit and update their own resources
  • Resources should be accurate and detailed
  • Resources should not contain personal or biased information (that's for discussion threads and reviews/ratings)
  • Senior members can approve resources
  • Contributing members can edit any resource to improve it
  • Resources may be reassigned by request when abandoned or outdated
  • Resources may not contain affiliate links
  • Resources may not be submitted by the resource owner or anyone who benefits from the service being used

Why Submit Resources?

There are may reasons to submit a resource. Submitting a resource allows you to share that writing resource with the community. It allows us to see the public perception of whatever the resource is and to get reviews and ratings of that resource; ultimately, that will help our community members choose the right resource. It allows us to quickly see the reputation of a resource.

In the case of some resources, it also allows us to openly discuss the resource (such as in the case of publishing).

Additionally, it helps our community grow. By adding resources, you are making the resource section of a true community asset.

How Do I Submit a Resource?

Adding a writing resource is easy. First, go to the writing resource section with a resource in mind. Locate the "Add Resource" button in the top right.


Once you click that button, you'll see an overlay that allows you to select your resource category. Try to select the most appropriate one.


Once you've done this, you'll be redirected to a page that allows you to enter the resource information. This includes the title, a brief tag/summary, resource type (ignore the upload - select no file), resource description, alternative/support link, and tags.


Try to be as specific and descriptive as possible. For the description, make it original and factual. After this, click save at the bottom. You've just submitted a writing resource. ;)

My Resource Isn't Showing Up

If your resource isn't showing up, it's because it hasn't been approved by moderation yet, or because it was disapproved due to being to thin or appearing like an advertisement.

Adding a Member Publication Resource

Our writing resource section now has a section for books by published forum members, where active members of the community may share their books and publications.

You may also leave a review on the books resource page. Additionally, discussion of member's books in the book discussion forum are welcome.

We also have a bookstore that features books by forum members. You can read the bookstore FAQ entry here. You may request both inclusion in the published members resource page and the Amazon bookstore. Established members may also submit their personal websites for inclusion on our member's websites resource page.

By submitting your resource, realize that forum members may review your writing, create discussion threads, and that it may be featured in the resource section or other areas of the forum. Additionally, your submitted publication will be directly associated with our forum username.

How do I Add My Book to the Published Members Directory?

You may add your book or publication to the directory by visiting the Member Publication category in the resource section. It is also listed under Bookstore > Member Publications. Navigate to the appropriate genre category and click the "Add Resource" button.

Navigating in the Resource Section:


What Information to Include:


Who is Eligible to Submit Their Publications?

Active community members may submit their publications. In this case, it is defined as being registered for at least three months and having made at least a one hundred posts. Once you meet these requirements, you are eligible to submit your book or ebook to our published member's directory. Exceptions may be made on a member by member basis.

What Types of Publications Are Accepted?

Generally, all books or collections written by members are accepted. Short writings may be declined, as may items that members are not a primary contributor. You may only submit books and collections you've personally written or those you know are of another member of the community; books by writers who are not members of will be declined.

Both traditional and self-published books and collections are accepted. Paid and free eBooks are also accepted. Type should be indicated on the title prefix (see below).

For most members, submissions to this area will be moderated.

Proper Categorization and Classification

Member books are segmented by genre or general category. You should submit to whichever category best describes your book or publication.

You must also select either a Print, eBook, Print & eBook, or Free eBook/Download prefix. Print is intended for only available in print, eBook only available in eBook, and Print & eBook available in both. All free ebook downloads must be properly marked as such. If the availability type of your publication changes, you should edit your resource to reflect this.

Uploading Book Cover Art

You may also add your book cover art, which will show in and alongside your resource on the book listings. At the bottom of the resource page there is the option to upload a "resource icon." This is highly encouraged and is strongly recommended to be the actual cover art of your book.

Uploading Your Free eBook

You may also upload your free eBook(s) to when you are adding your book "resource" so that other members may better find it and to download it directly from our site.

Additional Information

You also may optionaly fill out the book title, your name, publish date, ISBN number, publisher, and purchase links for several online retailers. The resource title should generally be the name of the book and the members real or screen name. We recommend also including the book title, author name, ISBN number, and Amazon purchase links on most submissions.
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