What is the Resource Section?

The Writing Resource Section of our site is a writing resource directory. It allows members to submit various writing resources, such as publishers, literary agents, grammar tutorials, writing software, writing conventions, classes, workshops, and much more.

This writing-resource directory includes both web-based, online, and downloadable writing resources. This can include things like Publishers, Writing Websites, Local Writing Groups, and much more. In the resource section of WritingForums.org, you can submit resources related to just about anything writing-related.

The purpose of the resource directory is to provide one area where community members can easily find writing resources in the category they're interested in, can find a summary of information on the resource, and can review, rate, and discuss these resources.

In the case of the publisher resource category, a new thread is created in our publisher discussion forum each time a resource is submitted.
Oct 12, 2013
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