Writing Contests

Are There Any Current Writing Contests?

We have monthly flash fiction, short story contest and poetry contests. These are free to enter and do not have a prize except for a medal on your profile and the warm fuzzy feeling which comes from knowing you did good

Short Story Contest FAQ

How Do I Enter?

If you'd like to enter our monthly short story contests, check the short story contest forum and look for a thread with open submissions. There's usually one. Read the first post with the rules for that contest, including it's theme, word count requirements, and deadline.

How Are Entries Judged?

Entries are judged via a public vote that usually lasts for 1-2 weeks. If there's a tie there is typically run-off voting between the tied entries.

Poetry Contest FAQ

How Do I Enter?

To enter, check the monthly poetry contest forum and look for a thread with open submissions. The theme typically changes from week to week, sometimes covering a specific topic, theme, or poetry structure.

How Are Entries Judged?

Poems are voted on in a public poll

Can I Start or Sponsor a Contest?

If you'd like to start or sponsor a contest, please contact us.

If it's a contest without a prize, it might be better suited as a writing prompt.

If you'd like a offer a prize, WF would have to act as a middle-man to ensure the contest is treated legitimately. If you're an organization that would like to sponsor a contest, contact us for more information.

Recognition for Contest Winners

Contest winners are permanently recognized for their winning writing with an icon in their member badge. The first win in any category earns a bronze icon, the second a silver, and third and up are gold. Each award includes the contest number that was won and the icon itself functions as a link that leads members to your winning writing.

Short Story Contest

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Flash Fiction Contest

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Poetry Contest

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