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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

These are the basic guidelines of the forum, and are designed to create a safe and enjoyable space for the discussion of writing. The rules may be changed or added to when the need arises so you should check them regularly. Any delay in enforcement of the rules does not mean they cannot be enforced at a later date.

General Forum and Forum Posting Rules
  • All posts must be free of illegal or distasteful content, which includes pornography and nudity, hate speech, posting of copyrighted material, spamming the forum, or flaming/trolling. Incivility towards another member or a moderator— either on threads or in private conversations—is not tolerated, and may result in a warning and/or a ban.
  • Claiming to be an admin, moderator, or other staff member, when you are not—even as a joke—will result in a permanent ban. This includes screen names or avatars implying you are a staff member, as well as any post impersonating one.
  • No unauthorised advertising anywhere on the site: By advertising we mean the promotion of any product, services or site you are affiliated with or stand to benefit from in any way. The only exception to this is that as writers it is natural that we might talk about our work. Therefore mentioning (but not linking) your work in posts is fine, and once you are an active member (90 days and 100 posts) you may put up to two links to it in your signature, and one link per post in the success stories forum. Links to your sales pages are not allowed anywhere else on site. The overarching thing to bear in mind is that although we are happy when our members write and get published, the forum is not here to be your customer base, and posts about your work should be in the spirit of telling people about it, not overtly selling to them.
    You may post links to urls with which you have no personal involvement, as long as they are writing-related, or in the Lounge/Debate Room, and are pertinent to the topic being discussed.
  • Market research is not allowed
  • We do not condone using cracked apps. If we see members asking other members for cracked apps, ways to crack an app, or where they can find cracked apps, we will delete that message and the member will be subject to warning and/or banning. This also applies to other forms of hacking such as techniques for compromising phones or other devices.
  • Homework, university coursework, competition entries, and other work intended to reflect individual effort, should not be posted for critique. Our members will not do your work for you.
  • Thread bumping, appending meaningless posts to bring a thread to the top, is not allowed.
  • All posts must be in English.
  • Posts must contain content by you. Posts with a naked link and no words are not acceptable. Posts that consist solely of memes or emoji's are also not allowed. This is a writing forum, please use writing to communicate. Occasional use of common net abbreviations (things like ROFL, or TMI) is tolerated, excessive use of netspeak is not.
  • We do not delete, or allow the deletion of, content without good reason. It isn't fair to those who have replied to your posts, or to the community at large to have content removed from threads. Minor alterations to correct typos, or add more information, or deleting a remark you thought better of before it is replied to is acceptable, but trashing threads by removing posts is not.
  • All rules apply throughout the site, Conversations and blogs included.

Account Information
  • Users may only have one account unless approved by the forum administration. Permission for this is typically reserved for staff members who need a "dummy account" for technical reasons. This is not something we grant just because someone really wants another account.
  • "Sock-puppeting" or creating more than one account without permission will result in permanent banning of all accounts used by the member.
  • User screen names consisting of or containing URLs or website addresses are expressly forbidden. Screen names containing offensive, derogatory or vulgar verbiage will be banned post haste.
  • Accounts will be deleted on request with all personally identifying account information (name, date of birth, email etc) removed. Posts will not be deleted but will instead be assigned a random user name. If you are requesting account deletion and you have personally identifying information in any of your posts, please send a message to the mod team or use the Contact Us form with links to the posts concerned and we will remove that information.
  • Screen names are changed only under a narrow set of conditions at the beginning of a person's membership with us (while they are still officially a New Member.) For example, if a real-world name was used as a screen name when registering, a New Member can request a change. However, once members have achieved full Member status—by being here at least 14 days and making at least 20 posts—screen names are not changed. You are expected to own the behavior in which you engage, and name changes to avoid that accountability are not permitted.
  • Images are not allowed in signatures.
  • Once you are an Active Member (90 days membership and 100 posts) you can include two links either internal or external, such as to your personal blog, or to your books sale pages. Other types of commercial page are not allowed
  • Links cannot be to sites that contain pornographic or illegal material, or which otherwise break our rules.
  • Links that are deemed inappropriate may be removed without warning.
  • Please limit signature size. Those that are deemed unreasonably large may be edited or removed without notice.
  • Signatures also may not contain text with sexual connotations, racial slurs, vulgarity, or content intended to upset a specific member.

  • Avatars may not contain pornographic or offensive material, or foul language (in any language).
  • You must not use your avatar image to upset, offend, or harass another member, or as a means of inciting or prolonging arguments.
Posting Copyrighted Material/Copyright Infringement
  • Posting material that is not yours and claiming it as your own is considered copyright infringement. No warning will be given if such a situation arises. You will be banned permanently.
  • Small sections of copyrighted material may be posted when you cite the original author (fair use) or when it is used with the authors permission.
Free Speech Policy

Since we are a writing forum, is in favor of free speech and opposed to censorship. The exceptions are situations where content may harm the quality or well-being of the community, which would include situations in the rules above. We ask everyone to remember that with free speech comes the responsibility to use it sensibly.

Posting Your Writing
  • The text of all stories, poems, or other writing offered for comment and critique must be posted directly within the Writing Workshop.
  • You must own the copyright to all work claimed as your own.
  • If your writing contains adult language, sexual behavior, or violence, it must be marked/categorized as such.
  • Enclosures, links, downloads, and images that are not acceptable as per our forum rules will be removed without notice (this applies to the WIP itself, as well as its contents).
  • The work to be reviewed, and all critiques must be posted directly, without any supplementary materials.
  • Posting in the Writing Workshop requires you to have given 2 or more constructive critiques of other members' work for each new posted work.
  • Only your own writing may be posted in the Writing Workshop.
  • By posting, you are granting limited use. Specifically, retention or removal of that piece of writing from the site is solely at the discretion of the site administration team, and members may quote the submission in full or in part for the purpose of critique within that thread.
  • Please do not spread stories and articles across multiple threads, including blog threads. If a story won't fit in the initial post, subsequent pieces should be posted as replies to the original post.
  • If you are requesting a beta-read for a complete manuscript, OR wish to co-write a project with another member, please request this in the Collaborative Projects subforum. These collaborations may be requested only after you have satisfied the Writing Workshop requirements, as well as been a member for 14 days, and made 20 posts. Do not post the work itself anywhere on the forum; doing so may harm your chances of getting it published. Any agreement to give a beta-read or do a collaboration is made solely by that member and not as a part or affiliate of this forum. The forum bears no responsibility to enforce completion of said project. It is an agreement between the writer and the beta-reader or collaborator, separate from the forum. The Collaboration forum is intendedto be non commercial payment should be neither sought nor offered
  • Published works should be reviewed on Amazon, Goodreads, or other commercial site. WritingForums is for works-in-progress; a venue for writers to help each other.

Admins and moderators

The Admin and moderators are in charge of the day to day running of the forum. The Admins are NWOPD (Owner), and Big Soft Moose (Admin Moderator). The Moderators are EF Mingo, Homer Potvin, Lifeline and Selbbin (this list will change from time to time). Their job is to keep the forum running smoothly as a worthwhile and enjoyable place for all. As part of this, they will from time to time have to call for calm, lock, edit, move, or delete posts or threads, or to warn or ban members. When this happens please treat their decision as final.

If you really feel that you must question a point please either use the report function, or contact a staff member by private message. However be aware that moderator actions are only reversed in the rarest of circumstances, and members are expected to respect their authority to run the forum. Refusing to do so may earn you a temporary or permanent ban.

Threads/Posts questioning specific moderator decisions or actions (such as "why was so and so banned?") are not allowed and will be deleted.

Our team are all volunteers who give up their time in order to keep the forum running for you to enjoy. As such they deserve your respect and treating them otherwise will not be tolerated. Abuse or threatening behaviour to any of our team will result in a lifetime ban.

Rule Violations

Rule violations will be punished by infractions. Each violation has a different level of infraction points. Once you receive 5 infraction points you will be banned for 7 days. At 10 points you will be banned for 30 days, 30 points will see you banned for 90 days, and 32 points will result in a permanent ban.

Breaking of any of these rules is a breach of your agreement. We reserve the right to ban or terminate any user at any time for any reason. Penalties will vary based on the severity of the situation.

Warnings & Banning

Warnings & Banning

The staff do try to issue friendly cautions (usually general cautions on threads, whenever flammable behaviour starts up) before hitting any Member with a ban—but that isn’t always possible.

When behavior breaks the Forum Rules moderators may issue warnings. Warnings carry infraction points and expiry dates. Moderators decide on the number of infraction points the Member earns with each warning.

Infraction points accumulate, according to their expiry date. In other words, even after a temporary ban ends, the points will remain on the Member’s record until the points expire. If the Member breaks more rules there will be more points given. These points will get added to the previous ones that have not yet expired.

0 points - warnings given for very minor issues
1-4 points - warnings given for relatively minor issues (usually no ban, other than a possible 24-hour ‘time out', or a ban from participating in a certain thread.)

When accumulated infraction points reach the levels listed below, banning automatically occurs.

5 points - 7 day ban
10 points - 30 day ban
20 points - 90 day ban
30 points - 180 day ban
32 points - permanent ban

Moderators can issue a single 5-point warning, a 10-point warning, 12-point warning, etc, all the way up to 32 points. The number of points given for each single warning are based on:
1) the severity and nature of the incident
2) the history of the Member in terms of previous points earned
3) general forum behavior
4) whatever other factors the moderators deem relevant to the particular case.

How To Avoid Getting Banned

Most members will go their whole forum lives without ever even getting a warning, in essence, if you don’t break the Forum Rules you won’t get any warning points. If you do slip up and earn warning points, pay attention to what has happened, and don’t repeat the behaviour.

The clean hands rule.
On the thankfully rare occasions that a thread blows up into a full blown argument, it is unlikely that moderators will have the time, energy, or inclination to trace back through ten, twenty, fifty, whatever posts to see who started it, especially when both sides are blaming the other. Therefore it is usual for everyone who is breaking the rules to wind up with warnings regardless of who started it, who said what about who's mother , or who is going to get whom at play time. Therefore should you happen to witness one of these conflagrations, the thing to do is report it to the mod team but otherwise don't get involved.

Pseudo moderation.

We take a very dim view of people who are not moderators trying to police the site. It is completely fine for established members to guide newer members politely or to answer simple questions like "why can't I post in the workshop?" That kind of thing is helpful and welcome. However when a member, or groups of members, start trying to tell another member what they can or can't say it usually gets ugly, fast. Engaging in Pseudo moderation is a sure fire way to wind up with warning points or a ban, so don't do that.

Appealing a Warning or a Ban

Generally speaking, warnings and bans won't be reversed. However, in special circumstances, it's possible.

Warnings are generally not worth the trouble to appeal, but you may contact a Moderator via a 'conversation' and explain why you think the warning isn't justified. (The Moderator will include fellow Moderators in the conversation for transparency.) Try to remain calm and polite in these conversations, our moderators are volunteers giving up their time to keep the site running for your benefit so they deserve your respect. We will not tolerate abuse or threats directed towards the staff, so bad behaviour in a conversation is a good way to turn the warning into a ban.

If you want to appeal a ban, you may use our Contact Us facility, provide your username, reason for banning, and argument for ban reversal.


Founder, Administrator

My name is Daniel, I’m the original founder of I created WF at age 16, in 2006. I created this forum as a place for aspiring writers to network and improve their craft - something I felt the internet lacked at the time.

My role as forum administrator is largely behind-the-scenes: planning and developing new features, website maintenance, technical support, and developing site policies. I am back from a rather lengthy hiatus and hope to become more involved in the day-to-day.

I’m a Midwest native, currently living in the Valley of the Sun. I graduated with a B.S. in Business Entrepreneurship, with incomplete degrees in Philosophy and Political Science. I have a strong passion for entrepreneurship, and aim to own several successful businesses one day.

I’m an amateur author, and most enjoy writing persuasive essays and creative non-fiction. I currently work as part of a very small entertainment company, filling the role of business planning and (most recently) the position of Line Producer.

Big Soft Moose
Admin Moderator

Hi Folks - I'm the admin moderator here, which basically means that I am a moderator with slightly increased access rights, to do stuff like award medals, and detect spammers. Day to day just think of me like any other moderator, here to help, answer questions and keep the site running smoothly.

I'm an internationally award winning writer - that is, I once won the writing contest on our school trip to France :). I wrote my first book when I was 8. It was heavily plaigarised from Watership Down and featured hand drawn pages and cover art nearly as bad as that of Empress Theresa. My more recent books are better, I hope.

I'm a self published author of 8 thriller / action adventure novels that are pretty much in the same sort of vein as Lee Child, Mark Dawson, or Vince Flynn. This has also made me the forum's go-to guy on self publishing questions, so if you are thinking of going that route feel free to ask and I'll help if I can.

mech mingo.jpg


Hi everyone, I'm Mingo. I'm a Minnesota native who moved to California with the military and never found a chance to leave.

By day I'm a field service engineer on transmission electron microscopes (yes, that's a mouth full) and by night I study English, moderate here, and obviously write. Just received my bachelor's in English with a minor in Creative Writing in December 2020, but I've immediately moved into a MA in English with an emphasis in Gothic Literature. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy reading anything I can get my hands on and more so discussing those works with others. It's a hobby degree, but I'd like to make it serious at some point.

That being said, other than a few magazines and anthologies I got some minor stuff published in, I'm largely unpublished and aspiring. But that's why most of us our here. To focus and refine our skills in writing. I'm all about improvement and moving forward. Studying from the best and getting work on the page. If there's anything I can do to help myself or anybody else here to constructively do that, I'll do my best to make it happen. Never be afraid to drop a PM on me to discuss some writing elements or literature. Those are the discussions I live for.

Look forward to hearing from you. Good luck, and happy reading and writing!


What can I say about myself? Just a gal that's knocking around the world. Currently, for the duration of the big virus scare, I'm in Europe.

I've been many things during a chequered career (scientist, sports climber, yacht sailor, and diver among others) and penned a few peer-reviewed articles before I fell into the bad company of my fiction story. 'Write what you know' and such... so now I'm a Kalah Instructor (an Israeli Combat System) as well.

I'm unpublished and will remain so for a good long while. When I'm not writing or training, I hang out in various forums and watch and listen and learn. Occassionally I give (un)solicited opinions on topics I've already encountered.

You can approach me with questions or whatnot and I'll try to help. And if I don't know how, I know a moose with a big club ;)


Australian based and living in Sydney, I've got a wide variety of creative interests, which covers writing in various forms such as screenplays, novels and poetry. I have a film and tv background. In the past have done a lot of screenplay writing, editing and development. I'm also a photographer, DOP and director, with a few bad DVD movies out there and now focusing on documentaries.

I've decided to go back to university in 2022 to study Journalism and Creative Writing, hoping to draw all my interests, skills and experience into one big ball and doing something constructive with it.

I love hiking, nature, animals, wilderness, and the warm and fuzzies of the world. Hit me up about screenplays, hiking, or life in general.

Homer Potvin

Hi, I'm Homer and I've been a member of WF since early 2017. Born and raised in Rhode Island, USA, I've spent my life in the hospitality industry, working currently as a general manager of a swanky restaurant in downtown Providence, which makes me a cross between Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and Quark from Deep Space 9.

Never been published, but I've been writing since I've been old enough to hold a pen, and have four (mostly bad) novels under my belt. I write a little bit of everything, but specialize in science fiction, literary, dark humor, and anything weird or offbeat. Others have said that my career of legalized excess and debauchery have given me a unique insight into the more indulgent sectors of the human psyche, and how to write a character who wants something that might be a little different from what the plot would suggest. I have formal degrees in history with a focus on Post War Europe and Nazism, but have never used them for anything beyond the occasional political rant.

Other than that? I play a lot of guitar, read everything under the sun, and try to be balance my inherent cynicism with general positivity. Hit me up with any writing questions about bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, food, booze, schmooze, or how to win friends and influence people.

Seven Crowns

This is Seven Crowns, wishing you a good day from the stratosphere of Colorado! Truthfully, I don't belong here. I was raised in the flat country of Texas and remember those days as a sort of golden age—the time and the place—but I've been a mile up in the sky for a generation now and can pretty much say that I'm used to it. Pikes Peak is right outside my window. I walked up it once. It took many hours. Make sure to bring aspirin because altitude sickness feels like an hour on the Tilt-o-Whirl. That's an ordeal for a Texan.

Where I'm employed, I'm a one man army. I'm paid to fix machines and administer networks. "I am the one who fixes your broken computer by plugging in its power cord," said in a Walter White rasp. That's about all I wish to say about work.

In my spare time I read and write. I tend toward the spec-fic genres though I have great respect for certain literary works. I like stories that are brave, strange, and funny. I've written novels, but I've never submitted them. I've published a lot of short stories though, many dozens, both in semi-pro and pro publications. You can find me in select horror anthologies in your bookstore. Anthologies are my favorite targets. A couple of those were prestigious, but lets be honest, in the authorial world you need a novel to be truly legit. I'm working on that. It will happen.

Outside of books / writing, I enjoy playing the piano (I was offered a full-ride scholarship for this, but turned it down, possibly a lifelong mistake), listening to music (my avatar is always music related, my handle is too), bowling (yabba-dabba-doo), watching movies, and going out to eat.

I have hundreds of writing books in my library. Editing is my favorite part of the process. I'm very careful with craft and technique, but I have a soft spot for strong voices that trample the grammar. I am famous for long forum posts and apparently long bio posts too. Take care!



Hi Everyone, Hammer here. I live by the Thames in sunny Surrey, Englandshire, where the view from my study is so inspirational that I spend more time staring out of the window than actually writing. When I do manage to scribble it’s mostly comedic fantasy – for the real-world, I use the front door. I have two books beta’d and edited but not published, and have four more in progress – two currently active and two which I want to come back to when I am a better writer!

Work-wise I have been waiter, barman, bouncer, insurance clerk, civil engineer, teacher (in a borstal…), salesman, paper-boy, and a freelance software developer – mainly in banks and big law-firms. Oh, and a professional sous-chef, but only for forty minutes, I have had my face burned off for a safety video (not actually burned off, it was make-up really) and I have sold a few photos to magazines. Currently I run a bar (well, a converted horsebox), and am in the process of setting up a small campsite in a vineyard. It may not sound very focussed, but career does mean to move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way.

I love to travel and spend as much time in a camper or on the water as reality allows, which works well with writing - half of my first novel was written whilst touring in the South of France!



Greetings fellow members. I live in the suburbs of London and love to explore poetry in different forms. I have two poetry collections published and have been able to get some of my work into anthologies and on one occasion on a postcard.

I also enjoy writing short-stories and those of you on the site who’re more familiar with me know I like to spend a lot of my time in the contests section poring over work and deciding on which entry is most worth a vote. Recently I’ve been a part of several writing workshops, creative writing and some poetry workshops that have been hosted over zoom (since the pandemic had taken the location of those workshops away from us).

I used to host a creative writing workshop myself at the local library and may consider making them available again in future.

I enjoy reading, writing, taking walks, solving hanjie puzzles and also like to draw once in a while. Besides poetry I like writing short-stories and flash pieces too. See you round.
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