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Warnings & Banning


Warnings - previously called infractions - act as both warnings and demerits for behavior that breaks the forum rules. Some warnings expire and some are permanent.

You can receive the following warning:

General Warning - 0 points
Inappropriate Content - 1 point, expires in 3 months
Inappropriate Behavior - 1 point, expires in 3 months
Inappropriate Advertising (non-new member) - 5 points, expires after 12 months
Inappropriate Advertising/Spam (new member) - 30 points, never expires, permanent ban


Once you accumulate a certain level of points, you will be banned. The first few times it's a temporary ban that will expire; certain offenses or 32 Warning Points results in a permanent ban.

Levels of Banning:

10 Warning Points - 30 day ban
20 Warning Points - 90 day ban
30 Warning Points - 180 day ban
32 Warning Points - permanent ban

Don't break the rules, don't get warnings, don't get banned.
Oct 10, 2013
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