Reviewing is a big part of participating in the Writing Workshop. We even have a dedicated reviewing forum. In addition to the other requirements, you must post a minimum of two constructive reviews for each piece of writing you post in the workshop.

Why Write Reviews?

There are several reasons you should write reviews. Writing reviews increases your constructive analytical skills when evaluating your own work, and can make you a better writer. It can help you build relationships in our community and increases the chance of people reviewing your writing. And, of course, it's a requirement to post in the workshop.

For a more detailed reasons to write reviews before posting your work, read this post.

What is a Constructive Critique?

A constructive review in the workshop isn't merely comment on the writing - it's commentary that gives the author a starting point to improve their writing. Remember, it's a writing workshop.

We encourage all members who wish to participate in the Writing Workshop to read the following thread: What is a Constrictive Critique?

What are Reviewers?

The reviewer usergroup used to be a group of members who were recognized for posting frequent and constructive reviews. This feature will come back in the future. Once it does, this will be updated.


Here is a more extensive reviewing FAQ with common questions and issues new reviewers face.

Please note: published works should be reviewed on Amazon, Goodreads, or other commercial site. WritingForums is for works-in-progress; a venue for writers to help each other.
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Oct 13, 2013
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