Here at WF we have several different usergroups used to distinguish different members.

Admins, which includes the Owner/Founder and the Operations Manager.

Super Moderators, who are the moderators for the whole of the forum.

Supporter members, which are members who've subscribed to help WF grow and stay online.

New Members, which are members who've not yet been registered for 14 days and have less than 20 posts.

Members, the normal usergroup after you're no longer considered "new."

Active Members are members who've been here for 90 days (3 months) and made at least 100 posts.

Senior Members are community members who've been here for at least 180 days (6 months), have made at least 250 posts, and have earned at least 50 post likes.

Contributor members are prominent members of our writing community. They come with the "Contributor" user badge. The criteria to be considered a Contributor is registration for 365 days, 500 posts, and 200 post likes.

Community Leader is a new usergroup in development. It's meant to be relatively rare. It can be appointed or earned. The criteria for recognition as a community leader here at requires leaders have been a member for 2 years, have made 1000 posts, earned 500 posts likes, and have added 10 approved resources and 2 approved writing articles, or be appointed.

Community Volunteers are forum members who've volunteered to help in some way. This includes the volunteers for moderating the Role Play forum, people who help keep the forum tidy, and volunteer contest administrators for the Monthly Short Story, Flash, and Poetry Contests.

Banned members are, of course, banned; the strikethrough demonstrates this.

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Nov 10, 2013
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